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A rapidly moving cloaked transport, a fleet of Skiffs dispatched from the Fallen’s massive Ketch warships can quickly deploy strike teams to the battlefield. Loadout: Skiff Turrets Variants: None Behavior You typically only encounter dropships in open exterior areas, where they arrive, decloak, drop packs of Fallen, and then depart. While Skiffs are flying in, deploying, and departing, they can bombard you …

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Servitors are floating robotic support units that protect and heal nearby Fallen. Loadout: Eye Blast Variants: None Behavior As hovering support units, Servitors are larger and more dangerous than Shanks, but considerably less common. Servitors possess the ability to heal humanoid Fallen units and can also employ a short-range teleport. Servitors tend to hover behind other Fallen units, letting the heavy hitters …

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A Shank is a Fallen scout, sentry, and repair drone. Shanks can be deployed from Walkers. Offense Shanks attack in small swarms and fire small plasma cannons in short bursts. For the most part, their attacks are relatively weak. They can also boost themselves up to avoid grenades or small arms fire, but this tactic isn’t used often. Vulnerabilities Because their …

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The elite of Fallen society, Captains are tougher and more dangerous than their lesser brethren. Loadout: Shrapnel Launcher, Shock Blades, or Arc shield Variants: Shock Rifle or Shock Blades Behavior Captains are the most dangerous of the Fallen minions. They are protected by Arc shields and equipped with teleporter tech that lets them rapidly relocate or evade incoming attacks. Captains also have …

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The core of the Fallen forces, Vandals present a serious threat at any range. Loadout: Shock Rifle or Shock Blades Variants: Wire Rifle or Shrapnel Launcher and Shock Blades Behavior Vandals are dangerous combatants at medium range with their tracking Shock Rifles, or at long range with their sniper variant, the Wire Rifle. Shock Rifle Vandals prefer to stay at a moderate …

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The lowest class of Fallen, Dregs fight viciously to prove their worth to their superiors. Loadout: Shock Pistol, Shock Dagger, and Shock Grenade Variants: Shrapnel Launcher or Dual Shock Daggers Behavior Dregs are individually weak, though they retain the speed of all Fallen combatants, making them tricky targets when they are on the move. Dregs prefer to fight from cover, which they …

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