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Disciple of Osiris

Disciple of Osiris is a faction introduced in House of Wolves expansion. It is represented by Brother Vance in Vestian Outpost. Players can increase reputation for Disciple of Osiris by participating in Trials of Osiris PvP events. Weapon Rewards Each weapons requires 7 wins on your Trials Passage. Players can a chance of obtaining one from Gold Tier (8 Wins). …

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Crota’s Bane

Crota’s Bane is a Faction represented by Eris Morn. Players can obtain Crota’s Bane Reputation by completing Eris Morn Bounties, quests and by completing the Court of Oryx public event. By equipping Class Armor such as cloaks or bonds from Eris Morn, players will not earn Crota’s Bane Reputation instead Vanguard/Crucible rep. You also won’t get an increase in rep …

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New Monarchy

New Monarchy is one of the three factions of The City, dedicated to maintaining the haven and bringing back the Golden Age. Dissatisfied with the fragmentation within the City, New Monarchy advocates abolishing the Consensus and transferring governmental power from the Speaker to an elected Monarch. Products New Monarchy’s representative in the Tower, Executor Hideo, is a vendor who sells New Monarchy-themed weapons …

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Dead Orbit

Dead Orbit is one of the three factions of The City, committed to leavingEarth for a new homeworld. The Dead Orbit logo can be seen around The City. Dead Orbit’s representative in the Tower, Arach Jalaal, is a vendor who sells Dead Orbit-themed weapons and armor for use by Guardians in theCrucible. Ideology Dead Orbit wants to abandon The City. Members …

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Future War Cult

Future War Cult (FWC) is one of the three factions of The City. The FWC is known for its vast military prowess, as well as its secrecy. The FWC believes that another war with The Darkness cannot be avoided, regardless of whether they stay in or flee the City; therefore they must be ready to fight. FWC’s representative in the Tower, Lakshmi-2, is a vendor …

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