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Player Species


The Awoken are a race who primarily live in an area of space called The Reef. While you do meet The Awoken Queen and her brother in the reef in the storyline, they are not the first Awoken you meet in the game. Some of the earliest NPCs you meet are, in fact Awoken. These include Arach Jalaal (vendor for …

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Exos are a species of humanoid machines, both for players and non-player characters, in Destiny. History and Origin Exo began as self-aware war machines developed by humanity during the Golden Age for a long forgotten war, with the sole purpose of protecting their creators. They were rebooted during the Collapse and now have no memory of their original function. Exos are “so advanced that nothing …

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Humans are a sentient species native to Earth. They take a no-nonsense approach, a tough and stern outlook with a goal of rebuilding civilization as quickly as possible. History Humans originated on Earth, but everything changed when they discovered the Traveler during an expedition to Mars. The Traveler’s arrival heralded the start of humanity’s Golden Age, a period of prosperity with …

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