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Ammo Synthesis

Ammo Synthesis is a consumable item that provides a one-time refill of aGuardian’s Primary Weapon ammunition. Like other consumables, Ammo Synthesis can be used only once, but players can carry multiples in their inventory. There is a maximum of 100 in one stack. They can be purchased from vendors in the Tower. There is a five minute cooldown after using any ammo refill …

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Network Keys

Network Keys are consumables dropped randomly by Cabal Majors and Ultras. They can be sold to Master Rahool for 200 Glimmer. Network Keys Overview Type Consumable Rarity Basic Where to Find Dropped as Loot? Yes

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Weapon Telemetry

Weapon Telemetry are available for each weapon type and increase the rate of experience gain for that weapon type for 30 minutes. They are purchased from Xûrfor one Strange Coin, or can be obtained from dismantling Legendary or Exotic weaponry or as a random completion reward. Weapon Telemetry Overview Type Consumable Rarity Basic Player Class Any Technical Specifications Abilities Increased …

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Three of Coins

Three of Coins is a consumable sold by Xûr, at a price of 7 Strange Coins for a stack of 5, which increases the chance of obtaining exotic gear. Usage Using a Three of Coins applies a buff to the player which increases the chance that the next ultra enemy killed will drop an exotic engram of a random type. …

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