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The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper is a PlayStation-exclusive Crucible map in the Destiny expansion House of Wolves.

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Pantheon is a Crucible map in the Destiny expansion The Dark Below. It takes place in a temple inside the winding corridors of the Black Garden.

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Crossroads is a Crucible map in the Destiny expansion The Taken King. This map is set on Mars in a location that flourished in the arrival of The Traveler. This map is one of two maps that has teleporters that send players across the map. The teleporters launch players onto the little islands that surround the map making it perfect …

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Blind Watch

Blind Watch is a Medium size map located in the Meridian Bay region of Mars. It takes place in an abandoned human settlement and features some indoor locations, but mostly focuses on the large open spaces between capture points, with many traversal options over both high and low ground. TIPS Using a boosted jump, plant yourself on the roof above capture …

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