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Thieves’ Den

Thieves’ Den is a PvP map for The Crucible located on Ishtar Sink, Venus. It is available for for all PvP modes. Thieves’ Den was released after House of Wolves expansion.

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Asylum takes place in an abandoned city complex in Venus. This is one of the smaller maps as well, where the possible, most common areas of engagement will be in the middle courtyard and the main, two-floor building. The courtyard is small but long; even if its viable for a sniper to spot targets from one end to the other, …

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Shores of Time

Shores of Time is a Crucible map located in the Maat Mons region of Venus. Filled with sulfuric air, exotic plants, and crumbling Vex architecture, Shores of Time is a small, indoor-outdoor map with numerous precarious cliffs and platforms, several low-light caves and chambers, and a few long sightlines for ranged weapons. TIPS Outside the cave housing control point A, there …

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