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Dead Ghost Locations

Dead Ghosts in Expansion 1

1 Ghost Fragment: Hive 3 Start the “Siege of the Warmind” mission on Earth, the next 3 ghosts will be here. Follow the mission and enter the big door in Bunker Ras-2, and continue down to Seraphin Vault. Instead of turning left when the mission wants you to, continue straight forward, and find the ghost next to some boxes on …

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Dead Ghosts on Mars

1 Ghost Fragment: Cabal Start a Patrol on Mars, and head left from the starting point. When you reach a spot where Cabals is fighting Vex head into the bunker and you will find a dead ghost.      2 Ghost Fragment: Legends 3 Return out of the bunker and head down through the tunnel just outside. When you are …

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Dead Ghosts on Venus

1 Ghost Fragment: The Shattered Coast Start a patrol on Venus. The first dead ghost will be behind a rock in one of the small ponds to the left of the starting point.   2 Ghost Fragment: Human 2 From the spawning point on the Venus Patrol, go forward and follow the road until after you have passed a lot …

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Dead Ghosts on the Moon

1 Ghost Fragment: Hive Start a Patrol on the Moon and from the landing point head up the hill. The dead ghost will be on a pillar a little to the left on the opposite site of the “bridge”.      2 Ghost Fragment: Moon From the location of the last ghost, head towards the big building with the roof …

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Dead Ghosts on Earth

1 Ghost Fragment: Darkness Start a Patrol in Old Russia. Head towards the patrol mission next to the big building, visible from the starting point. The dead ghost will be under the table in a little shed next to the bigger building.      2 Ghost Fragment: Earth Go to The Divide. Once you arrive continue straight forward until you …

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Dead Ghosts in Tower

1 Ghost Fragment: The City Age Go to Tower and head left. Next to the entrace to Tower North theres a staircase going up to a platform. Head up the stairs and go right, and your dead ghost will be on top of the boxes.      2 Ghost Fragment: Warlock Go to Tower and head left for Tower North. …

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