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Locations in The City

Hall of Guardians

The Hall of Guardians is a location in the Tower where Guardians can purchase Crucible weapons and Vanguard armor. Vendors Arcite 99-40: the Crucible Quartermaster. Cayde-6: the Hunter Vanguard. Commander Zavala: the Titan Vanguard. Ikora Rey: Warlock Vanguard. Lord Shaxx: the Crucible Handler.

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The Wall

The Wall is a location surrounding The City. The Wall was originally built by the Titans, and, in conjunction with the Traveler, now protects The City from hostile extraterrestrial species.

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The Tower is a social activity and a location within the walls of The City. In the Tower, Guardians can interact with each other, visit vendors, or turn in quest items. While in the Tower, combat is not possible and the player’s Guardian is viewed from a third-person perspective. Areas The Tower is divided into five areas. New arrivals appear in …

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