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Locations on the Moon

The Moonbase

The Moonbase is a location on the Moon that can be visited by players. It is an abandoned colonial site from the Golden Age of humanity.According to Bungie Lead Environment Artist Sam Jones, “The Moonbase is a mystery. The life spark of humanity has long gone out. It’s now overrun by moon dust, meteors, and ghosts.” The “main focal point” of the Moonbase is the Comms Tower, a Golden Age-era relay station for …

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The Accelerator is a location on the Moon that can be visited by players. History Like Moonbase, the Accelerator is an abandoned colonial site from the Golden Age of humanity. According to Bungie Lead Environment ArtistSam Jones, “It is a pale shadow of a once pivotal and very active machine.” As the name implies, the Accelerator’s focal point is its massive Fusion Coil Accelerator (also known as a coilgun or railgun). Though no longer …

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The Hellmouth, a location on the Moon, is a huge underground Hive fortress cored deep inside the Moon’s underground. A huge chain running down the center was once used to imprison the Hellmouth’s “most fearsome denizens.” The Hellmouth possess tunnels that connected to the Temple of Crota,Archer’s Line, and Anchor of Light. Trivia The concept art of the Hellmouth that appears in this article was the …

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First Light

First Light is a Crucible map located in the Mare Cognitum region of the Moon. First Light is a sloped map (one team starts at a higher elevation), is medium-large in size, and includes light vehicle combat, use of Sparrows to quickly get from place to place, and large area control. Strategies Occupying the high ground does not necessarily confer an advantage, as numerous access points allow players to …

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Ocean of Storms

Ocean of Storms is a visitable location on the Moon. Missions Story Chamber of Night Last Rites (The Taken King) Lost to Light (The Taken King) Shrine of Oryx The Dark Beyond The Sword of Crota The Wakening (The Dark Below) The World’s Grave Strikes Blighted Chalice (The Taken King) The Shadow Thief (House of Wolves) The Summoning Pits Raids Crota’s End (The Dark …

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