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Dead Ghosts on Mars


Ghost Fragment: Cabal
Start a Patrol on Mars, and head left from the starting point. When you reach a spot where Cabals is fighting Vex head into the bunker and you will find a dead ghost.



Ghost Fragment: Legends 3
Return out of the bunker and head down through the tunnel just outside. When you are reaching the end of the tunnel, head inside the large building right in front of you. Just above the entrace, on a platform, there is a dead ghost.



Ghost Fragment: The Golden Age
Head out of the building again, and in through the little door on the buildings right. Go down through the tunnels until you reach Dust Palace, and head across the room. In the door go to the right into the Atrium. You will find the ghost up against the roof in the back of the room.



Ghost Fragment: Exo
From the location of the last dead ghost, turn a little to the left, and you will be able to see the door you have to go through to get to the next one. Walk through the corridors and turn right when you get to the area Overwatch. Go up the stairs until you reach a red wall with some stars on, and turn left. You will find the next dead ghost under a desk next to a computer.



Ghost Fragment: Human 3
Head back out to The Hollows. Continue past the building you just been in (away from The Barrens) and into The Buried City. When you arrive you will se a big building with a sign saying OWT. The dead ghost is lying right behind this sign. The easiest way to get there is to use a box on the buildings left side as a jump station.



Ghost Fragment: The Golden Age 2
Head into the building you are standing on and enter the Freehold Station. Turn right immediately after you arrive and keep right, until you see some big pillars with TV screens on. The ghost will be on one of these TV screens.



Ghost Fragment: Meridian Bay
Continue down through Freehold Station until you reach Tharsis Junction, and when you reach the trains turn right. Right after you pass through the door opening turn right and find the ghost on top of a hill.



Ghost Fragment: Human 4
Head out to The Buried City again and go towards The Drift where you will find the next ghost in a dead tree on the left side of the road.



Ghost Fragment: Mars
From the previous ghost location in The Drift continue following the path until you reach Scablands. Go towards the big building in the back, and find the place where it is possible to go under. Turn left after you passed under “the bridge” and find the ghost lying on a platform behind the big building.



Ghost Fragment: Future War Cult
From the location of the last ghost (behind the big building in Scablands) continue into Firebase Rubicon. When you arrive turn left and stay close to the wall. There will be a little, extremely missable path going into a little area where this ghost is lying.



Ghost Fragment: Cabal 2
Go through the big round door to enter Iron Line. Jump onto the big pipes in the back of the room, and from there one level up to the platform. Now you should be able to see to platforms in the air, which you will need to jump to to get to the next dead ghost.



Ghost Fragment: Titan
Continue through Iron Line until you reach Trenchworks. Along the rock wall to the right there is a big ligth pole. Right after that your next ghost is lying.



Ghost Fragment: Thorn 2
From near the starting point on a Mars patrol head towards Scablands via the path between two sand dunes. Pass by Scablands until you reach Giants Pass. The next ghost will be next to a tree on a hill to you right, right after you arrive.



Ghost Fragment: Awoken
Continue through Giants Pass until you reach Valley of the Kings. To the right of the giant portal there is a little ledge which the ghost is lying on.



Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 2
From the location of the last ghost, turn a little until you see a bunker on top of a hill. Jump onto this bunker and continue to jump over on the little ledge on the rock next to it. This is were you will find the next ghost.



Ghost Fragment: The Traveler 2
Start the mission The Gardens Spire on Mars. The door in the first picture will only be open during this mission. Cross the bridge and go towards the spire. Right next to it you will find a little entrance to an underground corridor. The ghost will be to the left, right after entering.



Ghost Fragment: The Queens Brother
Start the mission The Black Garden on Mars. Head through the big portal, this will only be open during this mission. After you have passed through the portal, head left and follow the jump route.



Ghost Fragment: The Queen
Continue the mission until you reach a big open space with some enemies encountering you. Go along the edge to your left until you see a platform below you. Jump down and wake the last ghost on Mars.

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