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Benefits of a Fresh Start in Destiny 2

Back when we posted our wishes for Destiny 2, we mentioned that some sort of ‘clean slate’ could be in store. While this could mean getting new characters, new guns, new worlds, and new gameplay, it also might mean letting go of all your favorite loot. It seems tragic, to be sure. But would the benefits outweigh? Destiny is all about collecting loot and …

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Why Destiny's paid-for paper Halloween masks have become a sticking point

Destiny’s Festival of the Lost Halloween event has now been live for a couple of days, but fans aren’t overly impressed by this year’s offerings. Last year, the event’s scope came as a pleasant surprise and arrived soon after the excellent Taken King expansion. Fans responded positively to the introduction of wearable masks for popular characters. Most importantly, almost every …

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Super Good Advice: 9 Rise of Iron Tips

Click here for more helpful tips! The Road To Raid Ready Some changes were made to the leveling system in Rise of Iron. The infusion system remains the same, as does the concept of gear dropping above your current light level, but leveling above 350 LL has been significantly slowed down when compared to the April Update. Providing players were …

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Destiny 2 will launch for PC, characters may be left behind – reports

Destiny 2 will launch for PC as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, according to multiple reports. Bungie’s shared-world shooter sequel remains unannounced but is expected for release next autumn. It had been scheduled for this month, before suffering the same 12-month delay that befell Destiny 1. A new Kotaku report on Destiny 2’s development suggests much may now …

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Q&A for a Returning Guardian

DeeJ recently sat down with Red Bull’s Adam Mathew for an interview about the upcoming Rise of Iron release. Here’s the highlights!  Mathew: When I was a veteran going into TTK, I can distinctly recall thinking “I’ve put hundreds of hours in, and I deserve to have that time respected – Bungie had better not hand the newcomer kinderguardians the same …

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Quickly Gaining Gear & Light in Rise of Iron

Specific Gear & Weapons My number one objective in Rise of Iron is to get a God Roll version of Dead Orbit’s new shotgun, the Last-Ditch 001. It’s the same archetype as the beloved Matador 64, and you can watch gameplay with it in this video that shows off its deadliness. I want this shotgun because I normally use a shotgun in Trials …

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