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A Farewell to Arms: 10 Most Iconic Weapons

Destiny 2, while not surprising, is sure to break many a Guardian’s heart: inventory from Destiny 1 will not carry over into Destiny 2. There’s even a canon reason for it: Ghaul (or Gary), has destroyed all our stuff. There are several positives to this, such as that Destiny 2 won’t feel like just another expansion to the original game, and …

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Benefits of a Fresh Start in Destiny 2

Back when we posted our wishes for Destiny 2, we mentioned that some sort of ‘clean slate’ could be in store. While this could mean getting new characters, new guns, new worlds, and new gameplay, it also might mean letting go of all your favorite loot. It seems tragic, to be sure. But would the benefits outweigh? Destiny is all about collecting loot and …

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Destiny 2 Rumors & Wishes

Vanilla Destiny was released on console way back on September 9th, 2014. We’re now over two years into its very successful life. Destiny “2” is coming, and we know that “late 2017” is its stated release. The rumor mill is always churning, so perhaps it’s worth another look at the most recent – and most plausible – rumors surrounding the next …

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Destiny leak reveals Halloween event, loot, quests

Destiny fans have unmasked Bungie’s Halloween plans following the deployment of last night’s game patch. As with last year, Destiny will host its Festival of the Lost event featuring paper masks to wear and Halloween-themed consumables to change your appearance. All of last years masks will be back, along with new designs to dress up as your Ghost, Lord Saladin, …

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Bungie shuts down Destiny's long-running Omnigul exploit

Bungie has moved to swiftly lock down an ancient Destiny exploit, after players used it to dramatically speed up Rise of Iron’s glacial loot grind. The Omnigul exploit was patched out last night after having been present in Destiny since December 2014. Simply put, it allowed you to kill a boss earlier than intended, nab its end-of-mission loot, then rapidly …

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Destiny’s Raid Design Process

In today’s GameInformer article, lead raid designer at Bungie Gavin Irby, dropped some details on what players can expect from the newest raid, the difficulty of Wrath of the Machine, as well as how players have emerged victorious by using tactics the development team didn’t account for. Make sure you’re ready for this new raid by following our preparation guide! Wrath …

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