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The core of the Fallen forces, Vandals present a serious threat at any range.

Loadout: Shock Rifle or Shock Blades

Variants: Wire Rifle or Shrapnel Launcher and Shock Blades


Vandals are dangerous combatants at medium range with their tracking Shock Rifles, or at long range with their sniper variant, the Wire Rifle.

Shock Rifle Vandals prefer to stay at a moderate distance, letting their homing projectiles do the work of flushing you out of cover or hammering you in the open.

Standing out in the open with multiple Shock Rifles targeting you is asking for a quick trip to the grave.

On the other hand, Wire Rifle snipers are typically located at long range and prefer to stay that way. You can spot them by the telltale glow of the Wire Rifle as it charges to fire at you.

Vandals can move very quickly, so be wary of losing track of them during a close-range firefight. Fireteam communication is very helpful when Vandals are around. Any party members who are at longer range and have a good overview of the battlefield can keep tabs on Vandal movement.


Vandals are tougher and faster than Dregs, and their Shock Rifles are considerably more dangerous than Shock Pistols.

Make good use of cover when fighting them, especially if there are multiple foes present. Pursuing combat in the open or rushing them is a potentially bad idea.

Staying in hard cover and changing your position frequently is also helpful for dealing with sniper Vandals, as you can avoid their shots entirely and pick them off once you have a clean line of sight.

For all types of Vandals, you should use a precision medium- to long-range weapon to eliminate them swiftly and from a distance. Close-range or sustained fire weapons expose you to a greater volume of Shock Rifle fire or Wire Rifle shots, neither of which is good for your health.

Single target or area denial grenades work better than most seeking varieties because Vandals are usually strong enough to survive a seeker grenade hit. On the other hand, sticky grenades are frequently lethal, and area denial grenades can push them out of cover (or kill them outright if they refuse to move).

Be careful when trying to use grenades or slower offensive supers against Vandals. These enemies are fast enough to evade incoming attacks if they are fully aware of your position and spot the incoming grenade or super.

Stealth Vandal

Equipped with cloaking technology, Stealth Vandals are a dangerous invisible threat.

Loadout: Shock Rifle or Shock Blades

Variants: Wire Rifle or Shrapnel Launcher or Shock Blades


While Stealth Vandals are technically a simple variant of the basic Vandals, their inherent cloaks make them considerably more lethal.

Stealth Vandals can be armed with Shrapnel Launchers, Shock Rifles, Wire Rifles, or Shock Blades.

Melee Stealth Vandals use their cloaks to get in close and attack you for massive damage at point-blank range. In hectic battles or poor lighting conditions, it can be very difficult to spot sniper Stealth Vandals before they fire.

Unalarmed Stealth Vandals won’t trigger their cloaking devices until they are aware of you. In some encounters, you can pick them off at long range before they become active and alert.


Firing at a Stealth Vandal disrupts its cloak while it is taking damage, and they do decloak completely when they perform a melee attack.

Using your movement abilities to escape from melee Stealth Vandals is highly recommended if they manage to close the distance with you.

Sniper Vandals aren’t any more dangerous than normal Vandals once you are aware of their position. The trick is finding them in the first place before they take your head off.

Stealth Vandals do sometimes move more slowly than normal Vandals to maximize the concealing properties of their cloaks, but they still advance very quickly into melee range when using their Shock Blades.

Unlike normal Vandals, consider bringing some form of close-range weaponry if you know there is an abundance of melee Stealth Vandals in your chosen mission.

You can often evade Stealth Vandals by jumping, but not every combat situation is suitable for exposing yourself in the air repeatedly while trying to maintain your distance.

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