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Variks, the Loyal is a Fallen Vandal in the Vestian Outpost and the vendor for thePrison of Elders. He sells armor, weapons, jumpships, and shaders, which will rotate every week and can be purchased with rewards dropped in the Prison of Elders.


At some point while Variks was House of Judgment’s scribe for the Wolves, Skolascommanded him to stand still. Skolas then cut off Variks’s upper set of arms, which were later replaced by mechanical prostheses.

Variks is the only known surviving member of the House of Judgment. After theHouse of Wolves rebelled against Queen Mara Sov, he remained loyal.

ArmorEach week, Variks offers a different armor piece for one Armor Core and a different weapon for one Weapon Core. Variks also offers a Judgment’s Chance, which gives a random weapon or armor piece and costs one Armor Core and one Weapon Core.

  • Kellhunter’s Path
  • Kellslayer’s Helm
  • Kellslayer’s Grips
  • Kellslayer’s Cuirass
  • Kellslayer’s Greaves
  • Kellbreaker’s Gloves
  • Kellbreaker’s Cloak


  • Wolfslayer’s Claw, Legendary Auto Rifle
  • Wolves’ Leash, Legendary Scout Rifle
  • Aegis of the Kell, Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Six Dreg Pride, Legendary Hand Cannon
  • Servant of Aksor, Legendary Fusion Rifle
  • Wolfeborne Oath, Legendary Shotgun
  • Shadow of Veils, Legendary Sniper Rifle
  • Chain of Orbiks-Fel, Legendary Machine Gun
  • Legendary Rocket Launcher

Class Items

Each class item requires reputation rank 1 and one Token of Judgment.

  • Kings’ Cloak
  • Devil’s Cloak
  • Wolves’ Cloak
  • Mark of the Kings
  • Mark of the Devils
  • Mark of the Wolves
  • “House of Kings”
  • “House of Devils”
  • “House of Wolves”


  • Special Ammo Synthesis (1 Ether Seeds, 100 Glimmer)
  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis (1 Ether Seeds, 250 Glimmer)


Each jumpship requires reputation rank 2 and one Token of Flight.

  • Devils’ Due BKR
  • Kingslayer BKR
  • Coldsnap BKR
  • Wolf Hunter BKR


Each shader requires reputation rank 3 and one Token of Identity.

  • Kingswind
  • Devilswept
  • Wolfcurse
  • Judgment Cast


  • After the House of Rain collapsed, Variks preserved their prophecies.
  • Variks once was an ally to Skolas, though expressed extreme disdain for his rage.

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  1. Everyone talks about the items but what’s the order that the items refresh?.. is it random or is it the same rotation week over week. I want to use my etheric light today and then armor core tomorrow

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